Idaho County

The Project

Human Capital Management Software Selection and Implementation Project Management
The County government is comprised of eleven (11) county departments and seven (7) elected offices, serving a population of approximately 500,000 residents.
The County originally sought to replace their on-premises IBM Series mainframe payroll system to mitigate the risk associated with maintaining an unsupported system managed by a single payroll specialist. During the discovery sessions conducted by SoftResources, it was clear that the County would be best served by replacement of both Human Resources and Payroll. Critical requirements centered on:
  • Modern technology
  • Business process improvement
  • Reduction and elimination of workarounds, manual processes, and off system data
  • Reduction in the number of best of breed solutions
  • Change management
SoftResources helped the County to successful select and transition to an enterprise, cloud deployed, Human Capital Management system. The project included:
  • Provided an assessment of the current state and needs of the County
  • Documented client-specific functional and technical requirements that supported future state vision and goals
  • Developed and issued an RFP to support strategic initiatives
  • Conducted fit analysis of proposals from HCM vendors
  • Provided understanding and clarification of offerings, including implementation partner options to County decision-makers
  • Continued fit analysis with shortlisted vendors through scripted demos and due diligence activities assisting our client to make an informed software decision
  • Requested vendor best and final pricing offer
  • Provided in-depth business review of vendor contract and contract negotiations
  • Developed a statement of work to support successful implementation
  • Provided implementation project management services to supplement and complement the County’s in-house staff during the implementation of the new software