Frequently Asked Questions

SoftResources will do the software selection work for you, so you can concentrate on your business. We know how to quickly get your key requirements and then efficiently evaluate software solutions. We present the vendor analyses in a format that allows you to make a quick, informed decision about which software is best for your organization at the right cost. We save you time and money.
SoftResources offers our services a la carte and provides a fixed fee for our software assessment and selection services. We have done small a la carte projects for as little as $5K, but software selection projects typically range between $35K - $150K. The range depends on a number of factors such as the size of the organization, the scope and type of software being selected, and the services requested.
The timeline varies based on the complexity of the software, responsiveness of the vendors, and your ability to move the process forward and make decisions. We typically see the selection process take between 4 – 6 months, but we have seen companies get it done in 2-4 months, while others have taken up to 8-12 months to make a decision.
SoftResources works collaboratively with key personnel across your organization to gather the information necessary to define your specific and unique requirements. To do this, we hold Discovery Workshops to gain an understanding of your software needs as it pertains to people, processes, and technology. We provide a vision of the capabilities of modern software so we can prepare a future thinking Key Requirements document.
SoftResources guides you through business process change through a business process assessment and recommendations. Also, the software selection and implementation process is inherently a business process change project. We provide a vision of best practices during the Discovery Workshops and work with the vendors as they demonstrate process improvement during the scripted demos. Improved business processes will be put in place during the implementation as you take advantage of the best practices in the new software.
The traditional on-premises software implementation has now been replaced by a Cloud Software as a Service deployment model. This means that your organization will now access the system using a browser, customizations will be limited, and updates to the system will be pushed out regularly so you remain on the latest version. You can expect to pay an annual subscription that will become an annual expense rather than a one-time purchase.
SoftResources has cumulatively saved our clients millions of dollars over the last 3 decades of negotiating software contracts. We negotiate the annual subscription, implementation, and the terms and conditions. The software vendors write the software contracts to protect their interests - we negotiate on your behalf to protect your interest in the contract. On average we save our clients between 10-30% of the cost of the software and implementation.
While many software vendors implement directly. Others sell and/or implement their software through a network of Value-Added-Resellers (VAR) and System Integrators (SI). Different VARs and SIs have different expertise, industry experience, and billing rates so getting the right implementation team is critical to the success of your project. We help you select the right SI to ensure that you get qualified implementation resources, who are experienced in your industry, with competitive rates.
Software selection and implementation is loaded with risk. Consider that you are changing out the heart of the organization while still running your business. Based on our experience, some of the major risks we see are selecting software that does not fit your needs, selecting software that is too complex or not sophisticated enough for your needs, overpaying for software (especially on an annual subscription), and not dedicating enough resources to successfully implement the solution. SoftResources can help you mitigate these risks so you get the right software, at the right cost, with the right implementation team.