About SoftResources


SoftResources is a consulting firm that provides software consulting services to organizations across the world. Our client base includes Commercial, Non-Profit, and Government organizations. Since inception, we have completed over 900 projects and helped over 700 organizations worldwide to evaluate software solutions to support their business requirements. We do not develop, sell, or receive remuneration from vendors for the recommendations we provide to our clients.

Our History

The conceptual idea of providing unbiased software assessment, evaluation, selection, and implementation services originated in 1993 as our founders established a consulting practice within KPMG. The core foundational value of this team was to remain objective and unbiased in the technology consulting services we provided and the recommendations we made regarding best fit software solutions. After reorganizations at KPMG in 1995 that impacted these foundational values, the founders amicably separated and formed SoftResources. Today after more than three decades of providing software selection consulting services, SoftResources remains committed to helping each client make an unbiased and informed software decision and to implement those solutions on time and on budget.

Experienced Team

SoftResources brings a team with nearly three decades of experience that focuses on the evaluation, selection, and implementation of software applications for Commercial, Not for Profit, and Government organizations. Our team offers extensive experience with clients nationwide that have engaged in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of software solutions. Our people define who SoftResources has become and how we help our clients make informed software decisions. Each individual brings years of experience and expertise in the area of software assessments, evaluation, selection, and implementation. Their dedication and commitment towards providing software consulting services to our clients is outstanding. Many of our clients have requested our services for multiple projects, which further demonstrates the confidence in the quality and level of services provided

Client Focused

We strive to provide quality services to all of our clients. We focus on their specific business objectives for every project we complete We tailor our services to ensure we provide the right level of customer service to every customer. Client satisfaction is the foundation to the success of SoftResources. All projects are highly referencable. Since the beginning we have built our services around providing unbiased and objective consulting services to our clients. Each project is unique and our services are tailored to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation of the current and future system needs for our clients.