Implementation Partner Selection

Ensuring your organization has the right partner to assist with the implementation of the selected software is critical to the success of your project. The services provided for implementation may be supplied direct from the software vendor or sourced from a third provider with an established relationship and experience with the specific software being implemented. We guide you through the process of evaluating and selecting the right partner for implementation services and include a review of the services offered, knowledge and expertise of the vendor’s project team for the software being implemented, and the implementation methodology used. It is important to find the right partner with experienced resources to support you with the implementation of your software specific to your industry.

To facilitate the evaluation and selection of an Implementation Partner, we create a long list of implementation partners for your finalist software vendor. We compare the services provided by these partners as well as those software vendors that provide implementation services direct. We collaborate with your team to identify a Short List of options and invite them to provide your team vendor presentations following a customized script. The script is tailored to the specific business requirements for implementation services for your project. The script ensures your team has the right level of information to make a decision on a finalist implementation partner. When a front runner vendor has been identified, we advise you through the final due diligence process that can include user reference calls or visits, headquarters visits, and final vendor analysis.