Contract Review and Negotiation

Software vendors deliver contract documents drafted with a primary interest in protecting their interests. We advocate for your organization to ensure the terms and conditions and contract document contents represent your interests. Our review services are based on our organizations extensive 30+ year history of providing contract review and negotiation services. We review each document and provide review comments, recommendations for redline edits for software license agreements, service level agreements, investment summaries, and statement of work documents. SoftResources will collaborate with your organization’s legal team to ensure the contract documents include the mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

A key part of the contract package will be a Statement of Work that defines the roles, responsibilities and deliverables between the vendor and your organization. We provide a comprehensive review of this document to ensure the project scope, deliverables, and vendor resource commitments are clearly outlined and defined. Our Contract Review services provide a comprehensive assessment of each of the documents considered part of the vendor’s contract process.  Although every contract and situation is different, over the past 30+ years we have saved our clients millions of dollars, but more importantly we have helped protect their interests for their technology investment.