Global Nonprofit

The Project

Enterprise Resource Planning Assessment and Selection
Global nonprofit organization working in local communities across the United States and in approximately 70 countries.
This global non-profit organization first needed to conduct an ERP assessment and business case to get executive buy-in to select a new ERP solution.
  • Goals for this group were to determine a strategy to integrate business functions with operational systems and industry best practices and prepare for successful implementation.
  • They had grown from a grassroots concept to a global nonprofit and their system environment included numerous best-of-breed applications that were fragmented, duplicative, and manual.
  • They lacked rules based electronic workflow and had a large number of shadow systems such as Access and Excel
  • They were dependent on in-house development to bridge gaps and specific team members to administer, enhance, and troubleshoot issues with these systems that put them at risk
  • The financial system used by global operations had created significant manual work
  • They had siloed information that made it difficult for reporting and making real time decisions
SoftResources consultants applied our proven methodology to assist with this transformational initiative:
  • Assessed and prepared an ERP gap analysis and Business Case to assist with an ERP Strategy.
  • Conducted requirements definition and documented the key functional and technical requirements used to differentiate the vendor offerings.
  • Created a long list of vendor solutions and analyzed them for fit to the Key Requirements. Facilitated Demos for a short list of qualified vendor solutions.
  • Provided decision-making data in a systematic format that allowed them to make an informed ERP software decision that best fit their vision, requirements, culture, and processes.
  • Assisted to negotiate a performance-based contract that set protections in place and positioned this organization to begin implementation.