Technology Assessment

One of the foundational services SoftResources provides are business Technology Assessments.  These assessments can include important elements such as:


  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
  • Current state System Assessment
  • Business Case Development
We provide a review of your current environment including:


  • hardware
  • software
  • infrastructure
  • business processes 
  • network
  • security
  • staffing resources
  • budget considerations
  • ...and more

We tailor our services to provide the deliverables required for your specific needs and to support the goals of your project. In addition, we can provide higher level business case development services to help you objectively review your current environment, goals, objectives, and budget to evaluate whether you should remain on your current system, consolidate multiple systems to one or fewer vendors,  or migrate to replacement solutions. This service includes a review of your current software and recommendations for improving the use of the system such as through an upgrade or functional assessment audit, additional user training, or development of a business case for selection and implementation of a new system.

System Assessment

If a system assessment is incorporated into your project, our approach can include a review of your current functional and technical systems and environment. We collaborate with your staff and discuss the strengths and challenges of each component part. We will provide a summary report document of our findings for both the current state as well as recommendations for future state. System Assessment Services can include the development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan to document the existing environment and provide recommendations for the future state vision. The plan may include recommendations about your infrastructure and systems. We address questions as to what should be retained, what should be consolidated, and what should be replaced. The plan will include a recommended timeline for the changes as well that takes into consideration the organization’s financial and staffing resources.

Business Case Development

Many organizations require the development of a Business Case to justify the consolidation, upgrade, or replacement of their business solutions and supporting infrastructure. We have supported our clients with the development of Business Case reports that have been used to secure executive level and financial support for their intended projects. The Business Case report will provide background information about your current environment and recommendations for improvements and replacement solutions. The report will outline the effort and financial investment required for the project. We tailor each report to meet the specific business requirements for each client. We invite you to reach out to us for more in-depth information on this important service.