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Software Selection

Software selection is the core of our business and we have experience conducting selection projects for just about every enterprise business software system including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financials, Payroll/Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail (Point of Sale), Project Accounting, Insurance, Investment Management, Non-Profit, Community Development, Utility Billing, and more. With thousands of software systems available on the market, we identify the unique requirements of your organization so we can focus on the right software solutions. Please contact us and we will send you our Checklist of Services that outlines our complete software selection service offering. The following lists the major software selection services we offer.

  • Requirements Interviews
  • Requirements Definition
  • Business Process Review
  • Software Vendor Research and Evaluation
  • RFP Preparation
  • Software/RFP Response Evaluation and Research
  • Software Demonstration Script Development
  • Software Demonstration Facilitation
  • User Reference Call/Visit Facilitation
  • Software Vendor Headquarters Visit Facilitation
  • Follow Up Software Demonstrations
  • Final Decision Analysis and Facilitation
  • Presentation to Board


Here is a more detailed discussion of some of the key aspects of our software evaluation methodology.

Requirements Analysis – We help you build your internal project team and make sure that everyone is prepared for the project. We then conduct requirements interviews either on location, or via conference phone. Because software selection is our only business, we know how to efficiently gather the software requirements with a minimal impact on your personnel and a much shorter timeframe than most consulting firms.

We then put together your key Differentiating Criteria requirements. This document is used to analyze the software vendors, or can be inserted into an RFP. We know what should and should not be included in an RFP in order to streamline and make it a more useful evaluation tool.

Business Process Review – Selection and implementation of a new software system is an excellent time to improve your processes. We review your current business processes and make process improvement recommendations that will be facilitated with the implementation of modern software systems. These recommendations will become part of the requirements document and demo script.

Software Research – We create a Long List of software options (could be 50-100 software vendors) and use the key differentiators to eliminate vendors to get to a Short List of approximately 3 qualified software applications. We spend many hours on the phone with the software vendors to get the information regarding the key criteria that are most important to you. Because every organization is unique, we are frequently surprised at the different vendors that show up on the Short List!

Software Demos – We create a Demo Script so the vendors show how they will solve your business requirements instead of only the bells and whistles of their canned presentations. The Demo Script also helps you compare the software vendors in an equal manner. Frequently, our customers ask us to attend and facilitate the demos and serve as the “Demo Police” to help the vendors stay on track and to objectively assist with evaluating feedback from demo attendees.

Due Diligence and Final Decision – We advise you through the final due diligence process including user reference calls/visits, headquarters visits, and final vendor analysis. We also facilitate the final decision meeting and help you put together decision materials for the executive presentation.

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