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Software Selection Kit

The Software Selection Kit

The Software Selection Kit is a do-it-yourself software selection program born from SoftResources experience conducting software selection projects with companies in all types of industries. Take advantage of our expertise that has been packed into this handy software guide.

The Software Selection Kit will walk you step-by-step through the entire software selection process and give you the tools and templates to save you dozens of hours putting together the documents you need to properly evaluate software vendors. In addition to the tools and templates in the kit, you will also get 1 hour of phone consultation with a SoftResources software selection specialist to discuss the software vendors you should consider for your project.

Customers have told us the kit is an invaluable tool to take them through the selection process. Here is what one company said about the Software Selection Kit:

“We bought the Software Selection Kit to help us with our accounting software selection. The tools and templates really helped us validate our decision process and allowed us to move through the process quickly. I would recommend the Kit to anyone that wants to save time and money through the software selection process!”

Steven Schramke, President & CEO

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Introduction to Software Selection The Introduction provides an overview of the software selection process and general software vendor market trends. It also outlines what you will get from each phase of the kit.

Phase I – Preparation Includes detailed instructions and tools to prepare for the selection project including setting up your selection teams, creating a budget and defining a project timeline.

Templates Include:

Software Budget Template
Selection Team Worksheet
Selection Project Timeline Template
Project Calendar Template
Agenda – Company Wide Kickoff Meeting
Agenda – Executive Kickoff Meeting

Phase II – Requirements Teaches you how to gather requirements including conducting requirements interviews and gathering the key requirements necessary to evaluate the software vendors. We will teach you how to focus on the key Differentiating Criteria requirements to streamline your selection process.

Templates Include:

Requirements Interview Schedule Template
Requirements Interview Memo Template
Software Functional Footprint Chart Template
Differentiating Criteria Template

Phase III – Research This phase will help you create a Long List of software vendors and then use the Differentiating Criteria to quickly eliminate vendors and get to a Short List of 3 vendors. You will learn how to work with vendors to get behind the “fluff” of the sales literature and get the real answers to your questions. We will also teach you how to find the right implementation vendor or Value Added Reseller (VAR).

Templates Include:

Software Vendor Research Tools
Software Comparison Chart Template

Phase IV – Demos Once you have a Short List of software vendors, you will get instruction on how to prepare for and conduct software demos. We will teach you what you need to know to be able to compare the vendors and make preliminary decisions. It includes a template Demo Script that you can modify for your unique requirements saving you dozens of hours!

Templates Include:

Software Demo Script Template
Request for Demo Letter Template
Post Demo Report
Demo Rating Report

Phase V – Decision When you have decided on your finalist one or two vendors, we will walk you through the final due diligence and decision making process. It includes templates that can be used to equalize the cost proposals, ask the right user visit questions, and rank the   vendors to make the final decision.

Templates Include:

User Reference Questions Template
User Reference Report Template
Vendor Information Report Template
Cost Equalization Spreadsheet
Final Rating Sheet

Phase VI – Contracts Most software contracts are written by the software vendors. We will teach you the major points to negotiate in your contract to get the right discounts, and protect your   interests in the agreement.

Templates Include:

Key things you should consider in the software contract negotiation process.

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