Two Decades of Software Selection Experience


SoftResources began in 1993 at KPMG Peat Marwick by a group of consultants who formed a team that focused specifically on unbiased software selection. The team determined they would not sell, develop or implement software in order to provide clients with objective software selection advice. In 1995, after reorganizations and a clear KPMG desire to recommend and implement only a few software systems to clients, the group amicably split off and independently founded SoftResources LLC.

Over the years, we have remained focused on unbiased software evaluation and continued to develop and refine our methodology. We pioneered the use of the “Differentiating Criteria” requirements approach, which is the basis for efficiently evaluating software solutions. We also developed the 5-Tier software market chart to help categorize software vendors so companies can focus on the right level of software, rather than overpay for software that is too complex. Our methodology has been refined through the crucible of hundreds of software evaluation projects.

In 2000, we recognized that there was an opportunity to bring our software selection methodology to the public sector as well as commercial organizations. We started our government/nonprofit practice by focusing on nonprofits, ports, and municipalities and have since expanded to other government entities and agencies. During that time, we developed a focused Request for Proposal process that enabled an efficient evaluation of software options, yet still followed the stringent procurement policies of the public sector.

Today, SoftResources remains dedicated to the founding principle of vendor independence. Over the many years we have been in business, we have completed over 675 software evaluation and selection projects with 450 different clients. Our consulting team averages 12 years of experience at SoftResources conducting software evaluation projects.

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