Two Decades of Software Selection Experience

Our Clients

Since 1995, SoftResources has completed over 675 software evaluation projects with over 450 commercial, non-profit, and government organizations worldwide. Check out our Client List to see some of the clients we have worked with over the past 2 decades.


Commercial Industries

Our commercial customers come from all industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Apparel, Agriculture, Services, Software, Lumber, Food and Beverage, Property Management, Automotive, Energy to name just a few.

Non-Profit Organizations

Our non-profit clients include multi-national relief organizations, associations, theatres, community support organizations, and even an Olympic Organizing Committee.

Government Organizations

Our government clients include small towns in rural communities, large cities and counties, Utilities, Ports, and other government agencies.


No matter the industry you are in or the type of software you are looking for, we can help you find the right solution to fit your unique needs.

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