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Software Contract Negotiation

You will have 3 contracts to negotiate when buying software:

  • Software License Contract (or Service Level Agreement for Cloud solutions)
  • Software Maintenance Contract
  • Software Implementation Services Contract

If you select a Cloud or (Software as a Service (SaaS)) software solution you will have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) instead of the Software License and Maintenance contracts. You will still have an Implementation Services Contract to negotiate for configuration and implementation of Cloud solutions.

The software vendors write the contracts to protect their interests. We help protect your interests in the deal. We usually find about 50 clauses and items in the contract that are slanted in the vendor’s favor that need to be changed. We help you negotiate an agreement that is fair to both parties. Because every client has unique needs for contract negotiation, this service includes any or all of the following:

  • Software License Contract Negotiation
  • Software Maintenance Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation Services Contract Negotiation
  • Service Level Agreement Contract Negotiation (Cloud)
  • Verbal Contract Review
  • Key Clause Recommendations
  • Software Price Negotiation
  • Statement of Work Review and Negotiation


The following is a more detailed description of some of our contract review and negotiation services. We are very experienced reviewing software contracts because 90%+ of our clients ask us to assist them with their contract review.

Verbal Contract Review – We review the contract pricing and wording and hold a conference call to discuss recommended negotiation strategies for the contract.

Written Contract Review – We provide specific written clauses that need to be changed in your contract and discuss each point that needs negotiation.

Contract Negotiation – We act on your behalf to negotiate directly with the software vendor and/or implementation partner. This is very helpful to those who do not have time to do the detailed negotiations.

PLEASE NOTE – We are not a law firm, nor do we have lawyers on staff. Our contract review and negotiation work is based on our experience working with software vendors and negotiating software contracts on a daily basis. We work closely with your legal counsel who typically conducts a final review of the contract.

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