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Selection Methodology

A good software selection methodology is critical to the success of your project. Whether you are looking for ERP software, HR/Payroll, CRM, or any other type of software, follow this process for a successful selection project.

The 6 Phases of Software Selection

We divide the software selection process into 6 phases and discuss ways that you can more effectively manage your project based on our combined experience of 675 software evaluation projects.

Phase 1 – Planning & Budgeting for Software

The initial step in the software selection process is your internal planning and budgeting. You need to set up your project team, get buy-in for the project and put together a high-level budget.

Phase 2 – Software Requirements Analysis

Next you need to put together your requirements document. Make sure it is focused on your requirements (key differentiating criteria) so that you can concentrate on your most important requirements and quickly, yet thoroughly evaluate vendors.

Phase 3 – Software Vendor Research

Now it is time to evaluate your vendor options. This phase focuses on how to start with a long list of vendors and efficiently evaluate them to get to a Short List of approximately 3 software solutions.

Phase 4 – Software Demos

When you have your Short List, invite the vendors for demos. Make sure they follow a structured Demo Script so you can see how they will handle your key requirements and you can compare them in an equal manner.

Phase 5 – Software Decision

When you narrow the list to one or two vendors it’s time to do your due diligence and confirm your final decision.

Phase 6 – Software Contract Negotiation

Most software contracts are written by the software vendor. Make sure you negotiate the contract to protect your interests and save you money.

Implementation Vendor/VAR Selection

A critical part of the selection process that most companies overlook is the selection of a qualified implementation partner or Value Added Reseller (VAR).  In certain cases you need to do this evaluation during the vendor research, in other cases you will select the implementation partner after you select the software product. The selection of the implementation partner can make or break the success of your implementation.

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