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Draw on two decades of software selection experience to get you started on your project.

Software Selection Methodology

To start, we recommend that you check out the general software selection methodology and tips. This section will take you through all 6 phases of software selection and help you navigate the software selection process.

Articles and White Papers

We have written many articles and white papers on the software selection process and the software vendor market for magazines, tradeshows, and websites. We have compiled some of these white papers as free downloads. We will continually update this section with the latest articles, so check back often!

Software Selection Kit

The Software Selection Kit is designed for smaller companies looking for a do-it-yourself software selection project. It contains tools and templates that will walk you step by step through the software selection process – saving you dozens of hours.


We will continually update this section by posting new white papers, articles, and tips regarding the software selection process. You can also find information regarding the lessons learned as we do software selection consulting by visiting the Software Selection Blog (tips on the software selection process), as well as the Software Evaluation Blog (latest information about software vendors and the software vendor market).

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