The Right Choice Makes All the Difference

Introduction to Software Selection

Successful software selection begins with a good plan and an understanding of the software market and the vendors. This primer will help you prepare for the selection project by providing an overview of the business software market and discuss the latest trends. We also identify a number of industry specific software functionality that will help you in your discussions with software vendors as you evaluate their solutions.

Software Market Overview

Learn where you fit in the software vendor market. Use our Tier Chart tool to make sure you fit in the software vendor’s sweet spot.

Software Market Trends

Read about the latest trends that we are seeing in the business software market. We define some of the latest buzzwords and give our view as to where business software is headed. We cover topics such as Cloud/SaaS, the impact of vendor mergers, upcoming technologies, and vendor strategies to prime you for the software selection project.

Industry Specific Software Selection Tips

Every industry has unique software requirements that drive their evaluation projects. Many companies do not know what functionality to expect from the latest software solutions. We have put together some key modern software functionality available for certain industries that we work with all the time. We continually add specific tips for different industries, so check back often.

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