Every Client is Unique

Project Highlights

The closing of 2014 also marks the beginning of SoftResources’ 20th year in business. We are look forward to 2015 and another rewarding year serving our clients. Part of what makes us passionate about our work is the people we meet. Worldwide, we see good, hardworking individuals striving to make a difference and we like to help them achieve success with their technology initiatives. Following is a thumbnail sketch of some of the services we provided in 2014:

  • We helped 8 companies with various software selection projects for distribution/ERP, manufacturing/ERP, human resource information system (HRIS), and CRM systems.
  • On the government side, we provided software selection services to 15 government sector clients to select: enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource and payroll, permit and family services systems.
  • We helped 3 nonprofit organizations with selection of financial/ERP, budgeting, CRM, and claims processing systems.
  • We provided implementation oversight services and implementation project management for various ERP, HR/Payroll, and Permitting software implementations.
  • We provided contract negotiation for the majority of our software selection clients.


Some of our 2014 Clients

  • American Chemical Society – ERP software selection, Payroll software evaluation
  • American Psychological Association – HR/Payroll software selection
  • Pioneer Human Services – ERP software assessment
  • City of Corner Brook, Newfoundland – ERP software selection
  • City of San Mateo, CA – Permitting implementation project management
  • City of Temecula, CA – Permitting software selection
  • City of Pasadena, CA – Permitting software selection
  • City of Lethbridge – Parks and Recreation software selection
  • City of Roseville, CA – ERP software selection
  • City of Kirkland, WA – EAM software selection
  • City of Bothell, WA – Permitting software selection
  • Town of Labrador City, Newfoundland – ERP software selection and contract negotiation
  • Skookum – ERP software assessment
  • NaHoku – ERP/POS software selection
  • WorksafeBC – Multiple software evaluation projects – ERP, Contact Center, others
  • Mt. Auburn Cemetery – Cemetery Management software selection
  • Translink – ERP software assessment/selection
  • City of Champaign, IL – ERP software selection
  • Colony Capital – ERP/Investment Fund software selection

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