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Client Testimonials

“SoftResources was hired by CARE to assist in the selection of a new global financial management system. SoftResources efficiently and effectively assessed CARE’s needs by interviewing over 100 staff. These interviews were held at all hours of the day and night as CARE staff are stationed in very remote locations all over the world. The recommendation Soft Resources made at the end of the process was thoughtful, articulate and of a high quality. CARE was so pleased with the work of Soft Resources we asked them to facilitate the demonstrations made by the software vendors ultimately selected by CARE.”
Ann Jones
Director, Financial Management Systems
CARE International


“SoftResources helped us in gathering the business requirements and, through thorough analysis, identifying the finalists for the ERP solution that meets our needs. They proved to be very effective in the process of final vendor selection as well as contributing to the contract negotiation to ensure that we got the best deal for the company. They were our true partner offering their expertise and advice throughout the project. I would recommend them without hesitation for software selection and implementation projects.”
Chris Poole
Finance Director
Enecsys Limited


“The world of a Public Housing Authority is extraordinarily complex with its myriad of funding sources and ever-changing federal regulations. When we started looking for new financial accounting software, we knew we needed a consultant that could keep up with us. SoftResources has been with us every step of the way, from helping us define our needs to interviewing vendors to negotiating the contracts to successful project implementation. Without exception, every SoftResources employee has been highly knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to insuring our project was a complete success.”
Craig Violante
Director of Finance
King County Housing Authority


“SoftResources really provides a vital service to organizations such as APA that want to do the right thing, but don’t have the correct balance of resources to lead a software selection project whether it is talent, knowledge, time, or money. They are unbiased and professional; they provide a documented process and have in-depth knowledge to help narrow down the possible solutions. While at a conference last week it was further validated to me that the selection methodology/approach provided by SoftResources for our ERP search is considered a ‘BEST PRACTICE’!”
Greg Wickwar
Senior Director Financial Systems & Technology
American Psychological Association


“SoftResources did a great job capturing our business requirements and delivered a technical strategy for HRIS and ERP that made sense.”
Brian McHale
Vice President of Technology
Fisher Communications


“We have used SoftResources for various software evaluation projects and found them to be of great benefit. SoftResources was able to help gather the information we needed to make a decision and move forward. It is great to know that there is a resource out there like SoftResources to help us make informed software decisions.”
Jim Nicoll
Manager Information and Technology Services
Halifax Port Authority


“Thanks for all your work on this and the work you are taking on that is not in your scope of work. I for one really appreciate the work you all are doing and as far as consultants that we have worked with in the past, SoftResources by far has the best service. I’ve felt your comments and questions are not only relevant to what we are trying to do, there is definitely more of a team approach to how you stay in touch and keep us up to date. I really feel you are working in our interest and certainly appreciate that!”
John Minato
City of Issaquah


“When I has given the job of researching, choosing and implementing a new complete Operational System for my company, I felt overwhelmed. I first decided to research how to do “research.” I found that I could do it all myself: take it on as a full time job and hope that I did it right. The other avenue is to have your research done by someone who actually does research, exclusively. I then “researched the researchers.” That is when I found SoftResources. After several phone calls and live interviews with the staff at SoftResources, I felt comfortable that they would be an excellent choice to hire to do our researching. One of the most important steps in choosing major software is to engage an implementer that has experience in your industry. SoftResources excels in this. We could have not have done it without them, and it was money well spent.”
Dennis George
Information Systems
Northwest Horticulture


“SoftResources provided a structured process that really helped us with our software selection; we couldn’t have done it without them. They are unbiased and helped us negotiate our licensing contracts, too. I cannot stress enough how valuable their assistance was. They were well worth it!”
Kerry L. Hughes
Director of Financial Applications
Emeritus Senior Living


“We were very satisfied with SoftResources’ assistance. We implemented the system that was their first recommendation. We used their demo scripts and found that the discipline of their process really helped us keep very, very focused on the selection process. Additionally, SoftResources was great to work with. They knew their stuff, they stayed on point, and they brought us to the decision point in an efficient manner.”
Pat Gillis
Senior VP/CFO


“Your assistance and guidance were invaluable in helping to make the right decision. We truly believe we had a good process that matched us with a good partner for the City and its needs now and into the future.”
Robert W. Scott
City of Brookfield


“I can’t begin to tell you what a terrific help you and the SoftResources team were in helping us make our Transportation Management Software decision. We appreciate all of the effort and expertise you and the entire SoftResources team provided to help Toyota in our selection process.”
Brian Mason
National Manager
Toyota Logistics Services


“We had struggled for some time to develop the scope of work for a Human Resources Management System. Once we hired SoftResources everything went like clockwork. They efficiently obtained needs input from all divisions and were quickly able to translate those needs into a useful scope of work. Their knowledge of the various HR systems was invaluable during evaluation of various proposals. The project turned from stagnant to successful once SoftResources became involved.”
Mardane McLemore
Chief of South Shore Treatment
Hampton Roads Sanitation District


“I’ve used SoftResources for two of the three ERP searches that I have conducted. I have found their methodologies to be efficient and to the point. They know how to quickly narrow down requirements into the key differentiating criteria that matter. Their reputation in the industry fosters quick and accurate communication with ERP vendors. As a result, they can conduct thorough research in a fraction of the time it takes other firms. Combine that with their singular focus on ERP searches and you get the most efficient, thorough and independent software searches that I have found. It’s a great model, I would use them again!”
Brad Parris
Director of Supply Chain & Finance
Harry’s Fresh Foods


“It was a pleasure working with SoftResources LLC. You made our selection process much easier and more efficient! It would have taken eons for us to go through all the possibilities and make the comparisons you folks were able to do in such a timely and organized manner. Having your help with the selection process helped us get right to the core of the project and concentrate on the implementation. Thanks again for all of your help!”
Judy Barrick
Purchasing Manager
Lockheed Federal Credit Union


“SoftResources assistance was invaluable in helping us through the software selection process. The breadth of your vendor knowledge and software selection expertise saved us valuable time and resources. More importantly, your guidance helped us come together as an organization in the software decision making process. We appreciate the feeling of confidence we have in our software and implementation partner decisions.”
Walter Bristol
Executive VP, Corporate Operations & CFO
American Heart Association


“We’ve used SoftResources several times over the past 5 years. Most recently, we engaged them to help us find any commercial alternatives to the system solutions typically offered in the Integrated Library System industry. It was a tough assignment and required a lot of creativity. SoftResources came back to us with a recommendation that looks really spot-on for what we were looking for. In my estimation they have been worth the investment. They have a particular knack for stopping you from buying too much solution for what you really need.”
Jed Moffitt
Associate Director of IT Services
King County Library System


“We were very pleased with SoftResources’ work. Their daily experience with software selection, and understanding of the software vendors proved invaluable. Using a scripted demo made a huge difference in our decision making process. Having SoftResources at our software demos helped us as a team to stay on track and to reach consensus in a logical and efficient manner.”
John Wolff
Laaco, Ltd.


“Your comments and guidance were crucial for the success of our contract negotiations.”
Tyrone Smith, PhD
Director, Office of Information Technology
City of Wilmington, Delaware


“SoftResources has provided invaluable assistance and guidance to Kitsap Regional Library through every phase of our ERP selection and purchase. From conducting an initial needs assessment in order to identify KRL’s system and organizational requirements, through the entire RFP development, vendor selection and contract negotiation process, they were super. The consultants and staff we worked with were terrific–customer-focused, highly competent, ethical and professional. The written documentation and work products provided to KRL by SoftResources were excellent, always on-time, and within budget. Thanks SoftResources! We believe KRL got a great ERP system, using a very effective process, and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!”
Fernando Conill
Deputy Director/Chief Administrative Officer
Kitsap Regional Library


“They really know the vendors.There is no way we could do that type of work and look at so many companies internally.”
Port of Portland


“Thanks again for your support and for the great job you do.”
Museum of Modern Art New York City


“We would never have managed to transition into a product like this without your assistance. In addition, we were able to do so with a great deal of confidence.”
Ron Vincent
Business Manager
Health Concerns


“It was a pleasure working with you again. Don’t hesitate to use me as a reference in the future. I think your firm does a great job.”
John Jordan
CRISTA Ministries


“We really value the time, effort and energy you have put forth on behalf of the City…. This week will be one of the milestones in the project, which we will have attained together. Thank you.”
A Large Northwest City


“SoftResources has assisted United Liquors in needs assessment, vendor selection, and qualification for our ERP system. The Company could not have gotten to where it is, left to its own resources. Not only is the work of the highest caliber, it is performed at very cost effective rates. I would not go through an IT selection process without consulting SoftResources.”
Lewis Gack
CFO Treasurer
United Liquors Ltd


“We enlisted the services of SoftResources when we made the decision to look for an ERP package. The knowledge they bring to the table about what is available in the “software world” is invaluable. Technology is changing so fast, we smaller governments simply don’t have the resources in-house to do the appropriate research to make an informed decision. Fortunately, this is what SoftResources does best. We were very pleased with their participation in our project, and as well, the outcome.”
Nanci Lien
Finance Director
City of Poulsbo, Washington


“The system SoftResources helped us select 10 years ago was exactly the right solution for us and I still think fondly of the fantastic mental and technical support your team provided us.”
Mary Morgan
Financial Services Review


“Nicholson Industries selected SoftResources because of their broad knowledge of the ERP software marketplace and well organized approach to the ERP selection process. As expected, we found them very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and uniquely dedicated to helping us find the right product. With their help and structured approach we went through the process of defining our requirements and how we wish to do business in the future, identifying candidates, and conducting fair and informative demonstrations. The result of this process was the selection a product that we are confident is the best one for us. Finally, we found SoftResources consultation during the negotiations phase with regard to contract language and product pricing well worth the expense.”
Mike Redman
IT Director
Nicholson Industries

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