Two Decades of Software Selection Experience

Software Evaluation Consulting Services

We offer our services as a complete package or in a la carte manner to enable you to choose the right level of service for your situation. Please contact us so we can configure the plan to meet the goals for your project. Our six main areas of service include:

Software Assessment and Business Case Development

SoftResources can evaluate your current systems and make recommendations regarding whether it makes sense to move to a new system or to upgrade your current system. We can also help you put together a realistic budget and ROI analysis for a new system and create a business case for presentation to executive management.

Software Selection

We conduct requirements analysis and put together requirements documents (including RFPs). We then conduct research on the software market to get to a Short List of 3 appropriate software vendors for your unique situation. We take you through the software demo process, including creating a Demo Script. Finally, we help facilitate your final decision by coaching you through the final due diligence research and decision making process.

Implementation Partner Selection

The selection of the implementation team can make or break the success of your implementation! There are thousands of implementation partners throughout North America. We help you evaluate and select the right implementation partner for your situation.

Contract Review and Negotiation

We help protect your interests in the software contract. This may include discounts, and changes to clauses so you have a fair contract. We typically find over 50 clauses that need to be changed in each contract review.

Implementation Project Oversight and Management

After you have selected the right software solution, we provide project oversight and project management services to help you complete the project with a successful implementation.

Software System Audit

A periodic review of your software system will help you make adjustments necessary to more efficiently utilize and extend the life of your system.

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